July 2015 There are no current community issues for the NAG to be involved with.  If you have any worries regarding community safety please contact us.

Information on the various projects that the NAG sub-committee are undertaking as follows:


Section 1  Parking in Baslow Road

New keep clear junction finished.

Section 2  Inappropriate parking and safety issues in Cavendish Gardens.


Section 3  Converting steps into slopes on the Robinhood Lane Railway Bridge.


Section 4   Parking restrictions in Danywern Drive. 


Section 5   Winnersh Cross Roads.



Sainsbury's have asked the Winnersh NAG if they could help with any community project.  The flooded footpaths in Winnersh Meadows came to mind and Sainsbury's agreed to allow their contractors to repair them - free of charge. Work commences Wednesday 14th Jan. 




27TH MAY 2014


The NAG sub committee had a meeting with Officers of Wokingham Borough Council and Thames Valley Police to discuss ways in which to ease the traffic flow through Baslow Road.  Various ideas were put forward, when a conclusion has been reach it will be posted here on the website.  Watch this space!

8th JANUARY 2014


Thames Valley Police have advised the Winnersh NAG that the traffic issues in Baslow Road are of low priority and at this stage will not support any road restrictions.  However, they have said that residents living in Baslow Road and parking on the humps (there is no law to say that they can't) as they have alternative parking areas at the rear of their properties, then with enough support from the community they will support a request to Wokingham Borough Council for parking restrictions.  Other parking during the day in Baslow Road is seen as acceptable, unless the law is broken.


Only with community involvement will this issue be able to come to the table.  This road, in my view, should be free flowing - what do you think?  (Nag Chair)





The two images below were taken two years ago (2011). Since then the situation has got worse. The heavy volume of traffic using Baslow Road has increased and the parking on Baslow Road has impeded the easy flow of traffic.


The NAG is asking residents to email winnersh.nag@talktalk.net with their experiences so that we may use the information as evidence to approach Wokingham Borough Council in order to, hopefully, find a solution to this issue. 




                     IN CAVENDISH GARDENS.



The following email was received by the Winnersh NAG advising the current position regarding enforcing parking restriction in Cavendish Gardens.



"At a meeting on the 6th January 2014 the Executive Member for Highways and Planning approved the recommendation in respect to the above Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). 

The recommendation was to:


•             Approve the formal sealing and advertisement of the No Waiting At Any Time and Restrictions of Waiting from the Traffic Regulation Order relating to Cavendish Gardens and Verbena Close, Winnersh.


The “Notice of Has Made” will be published in the Reading Chronicle on the 9th of January 2014, with the order coming into effect on the 10th of January 2014.


Any person wishing to question the validity of the Order or of any of its provisions on the grounds that it is not within the powers conferred by the above provisions of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended, or that any procedural requirement contained in an instrument made under that Act has not been complied with may, within 6 weeks from the date on which the Order was made, make application for that purpose to the High Court.


The works will be scheduled to take place as soon as possible after the 10th of January. These will be subject to our contactors current workload, access to Cavendish Gardens to carry out the works and suitable weather conditions.


Once the restrictions are in place and had time to take effect; Wokingham Borough Council will review the parking situation after 12 months".




Current position implmenting parking restrictions in Cavendish Gardens.


The consultation period has closed today (15th Nov) and Wokingham Borough Council have received a few comments, which require a response. Wokingham Borough Council hope to resolve these as soon as possible, but  cannot progress into producing the “Has Made” order until those that have commented are satisfied with response given by Wokingham Borough Council.


Procedure for implementing parking restrictions.

The “Notice of Intent” will end on the 15th of November. Afterwards
Wokingham Borough Council  have to process and respond to the comments received;  this process can take anything up to 11 weeks, depending on how many comments we have received and the specific reply they require.
Once Wokingham Borough Council is satisfied that this stage is complete a “Notice of Has Made” will be published in the Reading Chronicle.  This will give the date as to when the restrictions will come into effect.


When the “Notice of Has Made” is published a statutory time of 6 weeks must be given to allow the public to make objections. However these objections can only be made via the High Court.

WBC must follow the statutory consultation process and dates; otherwise any restrictions that are implemented can be deemed unlawful and any legal challenge in court would have a good chance
of success.


Further to the NAG's proposal (see map above) for parking restrictions for Cavendish Gardens Wokingham Borough Council have now come up with a further plan which includes yellow lines on the corners of Verbena Close, Riverdene Drive and Belvedere Walk and three passing points  - all of which is not yet confirmed.  If the proposal is accepted then WBC will review the situation again in 12 months time.  The plan goes out to public consulation shortly.





Thanks to Councillor, Prue Bray, who had received an initial
complaint from one of the residents in Cavendish Gardens, the Winnersh NAG
(Neighbourhood Action Group) have been able to obtain some satisfaction
regarding parking in the area. 


Ever since a two hour parking limit was introduced by
Sainsbury’s, commuters have been using residential streets to leave their cars
during working hours.  This has led to considerable problems for local
residents – and a great deal of inappropriate parking by those who are seeking
places to leave their cars without having to pay the charge for using Winnersh
Triangle Station’s own parking area. 


Pat Rowell, Chairman of the NAG, together with NAG member of
Wokingham Borough Council’s Area Management team, and also an ex-resident

of Winnersh, organised a meeting with some residents of Cavendish Gardens and
learned that their main concerns were the inappropriate way in which many
people were parking; the lack of proper visibility and the fear of inadequate


Shortly afterwards, a meeting was arranged with Wokingham
Borough Council’s Highways department, where the sub-committee submitted
several solutions to overcome these problems, together with a number of
photographs as evidence.   A decision was deferred until the
new  Police Liaison Officer had come into post.


Pat said:- “I am pleased to be able to report that  the
proposal favoured by WBC and Thames Valley Police is moving forward.  That
would mean the painting of double yellow lines on all corners and junctions
and, since the yellow lines are 10 metres long, this would open up the visibility,
thereby making the area safer”.


There has been a favourable response to this proposal and we
trust that, once the yellow lines are there, the residents will find the
problem much reduced. 


The NAG was instrumental is obtaining a different road
layout to elevate speeding and also illegal parking in Danywern Drive – where
the situation has become much better.


You can catch up with updates on the Winnersh Website

www.winnersh-nag.org.uk  If you believe the Nag can help you with issues such as safety, graffiti, speeding and anti social behaviour then please do not hesitate to contact us.  Email: Winnersh.nag@talktalk.net  or  phone 0118 9786566 and leave a message someone will get back to you. 







Wokingham Borough Council have released plans for parking restrictions in Cavendish Gardens.


Sub-Committee of the Winnersh NAG has arranged feedback forms for residents of Cavendish Gardens.  We trust that feedback will enable Wokingham Borough Council to proceed and make this area a safer place.





Further to the NAG's sub-committee meeting with Wokingham Borough Council's Highway Dept. in April,  we are please to be able to advise on the latest up to date information from WBC.


"Wokingham Borough Council and Thames Valley Police have reached an agreement  for localised parking restrictions in Cavendish Gardens. We cannot give any more  information as yet because we have only just started the Traffic Regulation  Order process. When we are the stage for consultation we will inform  you. "






The NAG sub-committee had a meeting with Wokingham Borough's Highway department Monday 29th April where we raised the safety and inappropritae parking issues.  Cavendish Gardens is an unrestricted road so therefore road users can parking legally.  But inappropriate parking makes for unsafe conditions.  We proposed that yellow lines on the corners and at junctions would make the area a lot safer for all.   WBC officers did not dismiss this idea and we are very hopefully this proposal will be adopted.  We will be advised accordingly.  Watch this space.




                                   ROBINHOOD RAIL WAY BRIDGE.

                                   CONVERSION OF STEPS TO SLOPE



A delighted resident - Pat Hill who first brought her plight to the Winnersh NAG said “ At last! I am so glad that the railway bridge is finished.  I used to have to cross over Robinhood Lane from Dannywern Drive on my mobility scooter as I could not get up the steps on the bridge.  Crossing Robinhood Lane was a nightmare for me as I had to negotiate three sets of traffic lights just to get to Sainsbury’s.  I now feel so much safer as an elderly mobility scooter user.  Many thanks to all concerned for making this possible, its just great!” 



updated wednesday 22nd october 2014 


At last the footbridge over the railway in Robinhood Lane has been completed. Although it has taken longer to complete than expected, it was well worth the wait.  It will make a huge difference to residents that found it difficult to negotiate the steps. As chairman of the NAG I would like to thank Wokingham Borough Council for working with us, finding the money and the workforce and making this happen. 






Work is due to begin on the 23rd July 2014.  This date will coinside with the schools being on holiday.







Works will be delayed until further notice.  WBC's Management Team have made the decision to minimise the disruption to local traffic due to various road closures around the area as a result of the flooding.  We will keep you updated.


Great News !  Work commences on converting the steps into a slope on the Bridge as of Monday 10th February 2014.


UPDATE 12TH JULY 2013                   


"Wokingham Borough Council have just received some feedbacks from NR following the  submission of the Phase 1 Preliminary Design and as mentioned in the previous  emails, a NR Basic Asset Protection Agreement (BAPA) is required. At this stage  we are still having conversations with NR to get the ball rolling with regards to the BAPA. Unfortunately this is NR dependent and they are overloaded with  applications at this time of the year. 


However the good news is that we are about to commission the phase 2 detailed design. All  we need are just a few queries answered by both the contractor and also NR."


(NR = Network Rail) 



JUNE 2012


We have had several requests to look into the prospect of making the steps on the foot bridge over the railway in to ramps. This will enable Mums with buggies, wheelchair and scooter access easier and safer. We are currently waiting for a site visit to be made by a civil engineer of Wokingham Borough Council who will be able to advise what can be done.



Further information has been received by the chairman of the NAG, regarding the current situation for the foot bridge.  See the follwoing report from WBC Officers.



"I have now been able to ascertain the latest information on the above bridge.

There has been enough S106 money made available to carry out design work only. The cost of any construction work will need to be found from elsewhere and therefore this work has been added to the list for the next financial year. We won't know what budgets we finally have until the Council's budget meeting in February. There will also be additional costs associated with Network Rail to allow us to work over the railway, so these will need to be factored in to the final costs.


The likely timescale for the detailed design could take between 8-10 weeks which depends on other workload. This work will be carried out by our Consultants in their Basingstoke office.


In between now and the new financial year, depending on if we are allocated sufficient funding we can carry out work to check what utilities are in the area, e.g. water, gas, electricity, apply for Street works notices, arrange risk assessments and await agreement to proceed from Network Rail which could take several months.

The Structures Team feel that any work is likely to take place towards the middle of next year if all goes according to plan."


Wokingham Borough Council

Traffic and Road Safety Technician

Neighbourhood Services


Further information received from WBC 7th August 2012


The NAG chairman is aware when WBC received her request and the same one from Councillor Prue Bray. WBC said "they would put these requests together and deal with them through the Wish List process. WBC also said they would see whether there was any funding or when they might be able to look at this request". The NAG chairman had contacted WBC’s Engineer separately and " yes he has been out on site to check what is on the ground in relation to the drawings WBC have in the office".


"The Structures Team have a list of works for this financial year, Robinhood Lane Bridge is not on that list as it was not taken forward as part of the Capital Programme. All schemes programmed will have been agreed with the Executive Member and signed of at the annual Council budget meeting. Any other schemes requested would be dealt with separately.


The wish list system allows WBC to see if there is any "other" money available e.g. S106, grants which might be available or bids that the Council could make to secure additional funding".


As soon as new information is avaialble it will be posted here.


"WBC understand that there is concern amongst residents regarding safety issues and the need to cross the road if they are using mobility scooters but at the same time Officers need to work to the schedules they have which is set out each financial year, and which requires them to spend the budgets allocated. WBC cannot just drop in other requests unless there are the resources to carry out the work and a budget.


WBC have asked the Structure Team to let Officers know if their team can take on this extra request or whether WBC could allocate it elsewhere. WBC also need to find out what it is going to cost and if they can secure funding."


As soon as additional information is obtained it will be posted here.



Information received from WBC 4TH July 2012 as follows:- 


"The Structures Team have a programme for the next financial year to repair and carry out work on several bridges in the Borough, however Robinhood Lane Bridge is not on this list because it has come in since the programme was agreed and budgets nominated.  Therefore the team will be dealing with is request as an additional piece of work.


The team do know that the NAG are asking when this will be taken forward, the team hasn't forgotten but they need to be able to devote time to the bridges which are on their programme and allot some additional time to look at the NAG's request.


it will be discussed with the Executive Member and at that point we will see if it
is possible to do what the NAG have requested and if there is any money available to
do this.


WBC hope that they have been able to outline the process which is taking place and that as soon as the team can find some time then they will visit the site to ascertain if anything can be done.  As soon as we have any update then WBC will come back to the NAG again."












The Residents, The Winnersh NAG (Your Neighbourhood Action Group) together with Wokingham Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Manager, Joyce Stoner (who is also a NAG Committee member) have been successful in addressing the parking issues that have blighted Danywern Drive for so many years.


The NAG Sub-committee comprising of Vice Chair Pete Holland, Joyce Stoner WBC's Neighbourhood Manager and NAG chair Pat Rowell conducted a public consultation in Danywern Drive to ascertain the needs and worries of the residents. Details were passed to WBC’s Traffic Division and after many months of discussions the proposed staggered double yellow lines will now be implemented.



(Neighbourhood Manager for Wokingham Borough Council Joyce Stoner.  

                        Joyce covers the following areas:- 

                        Winnersh, Emmbrook/Woose Hill, Wokingham                                           Town/Everdons, Norrys/Westcott, Finchampstead and                                   Wokingham Without.)  




We are working closely with Wokingham Borough Council on how to resolve the parking problems in Danywern Drive.


If you live in Danywern Drive you will be aware of the survey that has gone out to all residents living there.  If you have not submitted your comments yet then please help us to help you and contact the NAG as soon as possible. Email: winnersh.nag@talktalk.net .  Once we have discussed everyones comments with Wokingham Borough a plan will be put in place for further discussion.  Any one wanting further information please contact the NAG.

Update information received from WBC

7th September 2012


“The scheme is being progressed. We are currently  drafting all the necessary legal paperwork require to advertise a permanent TRO.  Once the order, statement of reasons, TRO plan, street notices and notice of  intent have been finalised and checked by the legal department we will be in a  position to advertise. We do not envisage this being too far









Wokingham Borough Council  has confirm that the traffic team have progressed a TRO to
prevent the left turn into Sainsbury’s from Kings Street Lane and (right turn
out). the legal order is signed and sealed and the civil engineering works have
been ordered and are expected to be complete by mid December.





JUNE 2012 

Issues are still ongoing with signage and traffic light patterns.  We are in talks with Sainsbury's, contractors and Wokingham Borough Council. Once we have more information regarding these points we will be able to advise accordingly.


The NAG has suggested to WBC the installation of Red light Cameras, in the hope that people would not take the chance and run a red light.



Information received from WBC 18th July as follows:


"The phasing of the traffic lights has been set up by our signals team and is run and managed by Reading Borough Council. As part of the police investigation into the tragic  fatal accident at the junction earlier in the year the phasing and timings of  the lights were considered and found to be within government standards and in  full working order. We have investigated the signal timing ourselves since then  and come to the same conclusion. The good news is that as part of the Councils  successful Local Sustainable Transport Fund bid, a new low energy controller  system is planned to be installed at this junction in the financial year  2013/14. This will give us the opportunity to consider all aspects of the  signals from their location to timings. However, in the mean time we have  requested that our traffic signals team investigate the timings again to see if  it is possible to extend the inter-green times without dramatically affecting  the junctions capacity.


Regarding the suggestion of red light cameras, we have looked at the accident history for this junction and compared in to the government guidance on installing enforcement
cameras. We are glad to report that despite the perception of a large accident  history the junction actually has a good safety record, especially considering  the volume of traffic using it on a daily basis. This is obviously with the  exception of the tragic double fatality that occurred earlier in the year. The accident record shows that it is very rare for an injury accident to occur at this junction that has been listed as caused by a vehicle running a red light.  Those accidents that are attributed to red light jumping do not occur all from the same direction meaning that a single red light camera would not be sufficient. There are also physical constrains that make the installation of red light cameras difficult. For there operation they must be positioned behind the slop line in a location that can see the stop line and beyond. The narrow footways on some approaches and the left turn filter lanes on others makes finding a location that does not obstruct the footway difficult.

It is for the above reasons that red light cameras are not considered necessary at this



Information received from Thames Valley Police 1st August 2012 as follows:-


"Over the last three years up to Feb 2012 there have only been two accidents at the crossroads (this excludes the double fatal which happened after this date).

They were: 1 * slight in May 2010 1 * serious in Sept 2010


There have been no other accidents involving injury between Sept 2010 and the end of Feb 2012 other than the fatal this year. As far as Thames Valley Police are aware this has been a reduction but data only goes back three years! However no accidents from Sept 2010 until the

fatal this year is good."