Winnersh Receives 3 of the Borough’s 60 Jubilee
Oak Trees.


Thursday 6th December 2012 saw Residents,Wokingham’s Veteran Tree Society representatives, Reverend Sam Denyer and Councillor’s, braved the bitter cold to join in the ceremonial planting and
blessing of 3 Jubilee Oak trees which have been planted in Winnersh Meadows to mark the Queen’s Jubilee year. 

The event was organised to Pat Rowell chairman of the
Winnersh NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group) and Joyce Stoner Wokingham Borough Council Area Manager for Wokingham and South of the Borough.


Pat Said “The event was one in my life time and I was pleased to have been able to have taken part.  My thanks go to all the residents who came out to support this special occasion here in Winnersh.”


The event concluded with mulled wine and mince pies.


See pictures on the Photo Gallery.




Thanks goes to the following WBC Officers who have helped make this project achievable.


Paul Turrell - Ex Deputy Chief Executive who orginally gave the go ahead.

Angie Gibson, Alison Munro, Jenny Watson, Allan Tiplady and Steve Richardson who all helped pull the paperwork together.  Steve Richardson and Henrietta Simpson of HRH Landscape Design, who have delivered this project  on time and within budget.





Working closely with Wokingham Borough Council Officers the launch will take on an 'Olympic Theme' and will be known as the Winnersh Meadows Community Games.


The NAG has been able to recruit ZAC PURCHASE to officially open Winnersh Meadows. Zac is a gold medallist from Tilehurst and won his medal with team mate Mark Hunter in the lightweight double scull on Lake Shunyi in 2008.  


Olympic champion Zac Purchase



Proposed events are:


  • Penalty Shoot Out Competitions.
  • Archery
  • Rowing machines
  • Climbing Wall
  • Zumba Dancing
  • Best Waggy Tail Dog competition plus more
  • Chicken and egg hunt for under 12s
  • Bouncing Castle for young ones
  • Inflatable Wrecking Ball
  • Graffiti Workshop
  • Face Painting
  • 4 x 4 and Jenga
  • Prizes awared to the winners.
  • The GSL 1st Winnersh Scouts group will provide us with hot dogs and beef burgers
  • Ice Cream Van
  • Hot and cold soft Drinks available     
  • Fire Engine
  • Police Vehicle

ABC Medical Services, Scouts and Brownies will be in attendance to help make the day a good one. Winnersh Parish Councillors will be on hand to judge some of the events and Country Side Services will be available to give information regarding the newt ponds. 



A large area has been sown with locally sourced native wild flower and meadow grass seed to creata a wild flower meadow.


25th October 2011 and over 15 volunteers came out to help plant the 4,000 daffodil bulbs. 


2nd November 2011 contractors drilled the holes for us to plant the 35 fruit trees which makes up the orchard.  Henrietta Simpson has arranged the planting so that best pollination is achieved.


See photo gallery. 


Pat Rowell, Roberta Tweedy, Janet Dodsworth meet with Jane Stevens and Steve Richardson of Wokingham Borough Council to meet Henrietta Simpson of HRH Landscape/HRH Design Associates. Henrietta was appointed by WBC to act as our lead consultant for the project. A lottery grant condition.


The tenders where opened and witnessed by us all.  We were all very pleased as the tenders came in a lot lower then first thought.  Originally estimates indicated we could only afford 600 linear metres of footpath, but now this has been extended to 1250 metres due to the good tenders. 


Orders for 4 new benches, 4 picinc tables, 4 new litter bins, basket ball hoop, football goal and adult gym will now be placed.


Two additional benches has been ordered as money becomes available. 




Pat Rowell, chairman of the Winnersh Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG), is delighted to announce that the Winnersh Meadows Enhancement Project, on the site formerly known as Arbor Meadows, and just off Arbor Lane, has been officially granted funding that will allow work to commence this year.  After public consultation, which took place in January 2008 it was established what residents would like to see to enhance the 10 hectares of green public open space, just off Arbor Lane,  owned by Wokingham Borough Council.

 It is almost three years since Mrs Rowell, in her voluntary role on the NAG, made an application to Ground Force Lottery on behalf of the residents of Winnersh, helped by Roberta Tweedy also of the NAG.  During this time Pat has worked tirelessly with officers of Wokingham Borough Council and the facilitator for Ground Force Lottery.  This has resulted in the successful award of a lottery grant of £49,999 being granted to the Winnersh NAG.  Along with a donation of £9K from the Winnersh Parish Council and a further £50K from WBC (section 106 development money allocated for the area), funding for the project totals just under £109K.  All monies will be held by Wokingham Borough Council and the Council will be responsible for implementation and up-keep of the project.

Pat said:  “it has been a long time coming and a lot of hard work has gone into securing this grant, I am sure the finished project will be well worth the waiting for.  With all of the development that Winnersh has undergone in the last few years, this under-utilized green public open space is a little gem!  It will be given a face-lift so that Winnersh residents of all ages can enjoy it to the full.

The funding will enable the results from the public consultation to be realised which comprise of additional tree planting, a wild flower meadow, a new pond, out door trim trail, the purchase of picnic tables, new benches and bins, along with a football post and netball facilities.  It will also provide better access for prams, buggies, cycles and wheelchairs on a 600 linear metre hard walkway, providing east access for all to an enjoyable and well planned resource.  Work is to begin this year and will take about a year to implement.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the officers at WBC who helped  me to put this together."

Winnersh Meadows will have a league of friends, to be  known as 'Friends of Winnersh Meadows', who will monitor its use and lease with Wokingham Borough Council.

The 50K lottery money together with section 106 and Parish Council donation will enable Wokingham Borough Council to turn Winnersh Meadows into a place for all the family to enjoy and its right on your door step.  There will be new seating, proper walk ways, new tree planting and picnic tables.




   Stage 2 of the Ground Force Lottery grant is now complete and is to be formally        submitted for consideration of the Ground Force Committee.


   The 50K lottery money together with section 106 and Parish Council donation will        enable The Winnersh NAG and Wokingham Borough  Council to turn  Winnersh            Meadows into a place for  all the  family to enjoy and its  right on your                      door step.  There will  be new  seating, proper footpaths, new tree

   planting and  picnic tables.

MAY 2009 This situation so far



Winnersh Meadows is the only piece of public open space in Winnersh and consists of 10 hectares.  Originally given to WBC by Slough Estate after the Winnersh Triangle was first completed. 

The NAG, SEGRO (Slough Estates) and WBC are all very keen to enhance this space and are all working together to do just that. 

But first, certain steps had to be undertaken – such as public consultation and Winnersh Meadows had its first public consultation in Jan 2008. 

Next step, money was required to implement any works, so as chairman of the Winnersh NAG Pat Rowell applied for a £50K grant on behalf of the NAG from Ground Works (Lotto).  


For the first stage of the grant Ground Works required a lot of information, and as the land belongs to WBC it was they who  provided all the necessary quotes and estimates they also pledged section 106 monies to the project. Chairman Pat Rowell  was advised by Ground Works that the application had successfully passed stage one.


Working Group meeting the Facilitator from Ground Works was Pat Rowell, residents on the NAG, Roberta Tweedy, Liz Weeks, Janet Dodsworth, John Southgate (chairman of the Parish Council) Simon Maltby from SEGRO, Angie Gibson, Jenny Watson and Andy Glencross from WBC.

The working group will be assisted by the Facilitator whose job it is to oversee our claims, pledges and to help us achieve our goal of enhancing this valuable assist for the residents of Winnersh.


We are working with WBC and Segro on this project. WBC is working hard to generate all the necessary documentations requited by the Facilitator.  The Parish Council are also behind this project and have pledge their support and funding.  Once the paperwork has been completed the Facilitator will visit the Working Group again to help us complete the final part of the application.  The Ground Work committee will take about 4 weeks to determine the application and if all is successful release the funding which will be held by WBC who will have ring fenced it for Winnersh Meadows.  WBC will oversee all the works to be carried out by their contractors and will administer the funding accordingly.  We anticipate the project to take about 12 monthsto complete.  Then all being well we will take a look at any further measures that will enhance the area.  

SEGRO/Community & Environmental Day @ Winnersh Meadows

Segro (Slough Estate) who are spending millions on a new business park are very keen to participate in the enhancement of Winnersh Meadows and have pledged their support and some funding.  working closely with the Winnersh NAG and Wokingham Borough Council, Segro will start the ball rolling by holding a Community and Environmental Day at Winnersh Meadowson March 28th (10 – 4pm) and we are looking for about 100 volunteers both from the business park and the community of Winnersh – under the guidance of the Green Team from WBC. Volunteers will :  litter pick, help with planting of new hedgerows, clear existing footpaths and prune back overgrown vegetation. 

Anyone wanting to help must register in advance with Simon Maltby Winnersh Triangle Business Park Manager 

Tel: 01189 277 504  or  simon.maltby@segro.com (March 2012 Simon is no longer available at SEGRO)

After cutting back undergrowth and over hanging branches the walk way looks pleasant and inviting.

SEGRO  Staff, NAG Members,  Residents, Community Wardens, Parish Councilors, people from the Business Park all joined in with the Green Team of Wokingham Borough Council to plant over 200 saplings which will form a new hedge row between Winnersh Meadows and the Forest School playing field.


The endless possibilities are enormous in enhancing such a wonderful public open space.  

WINNERSH has no other public open space and its time to MAKE THIS 10 HECTARES THE PRIDE OF Winnersh.   This grant will enable us to prove more footpaths, benches, litter bins and much more planting which will encourage the wildlife. 

The Winnersh NAG also intends to set up ‘Friends of Winnersh Meadows’ who will monitor what goes on there, they will be first point of contact for WBC and residents.  NAG Secretary Janet Dodsworth is very keen to take on this mantel and she is looking for volunteers to help: in the first instance please email:  winnersh.nag@talktalk.net

Mums with buggies will have access and be able to show their toddlers the delights of nature right on your door steps.       

One of the Winnersh NAG’s priorities has been ASB and the underlying causes.  Kids with nothing to do, no money, nowhere to go. 

Winnersh Meadows will be a perfect vehicle to harness their energy and educate the younger generation about their responsibility for protecting a resource of this kind for future generations by making them feel part of the project.  It could also provide hands on in practical experience.  The possibilities really are endless! 


The Winnersh NAG also intends to set up ‘Friends of Winnersh Meadows’ who will monitor what goes on there, they will be first point of contact for WBC and residents.  NAG Secretary Janet Dodsworth is very keen to take on this mantel and she is looking for volunteers to help: in the first instance please email:  winnersh.nag@talktalk.net

Wokingham Borough Council have now updated us with information to enhance the Public Open Space (POS) at Arbor Meadows.  If you would like to make constructive comment then please go to the end of this page.

Angie Gibson

Project Officer - Parks & Open Spaces.


"I'm pleased to be able to update you on the project to enhance the Public Open Space (POS) at Arbor Meadows.


Following on from the public meeting on January 22nd 2008 the progress committee met to discuss all the suggestions put forward.  I have included the complete list (every suggestion) on the attachment - please note many suggestions have been duplicated.  I have also highlighted in red the suggestions that we will not be implementing.


The progress committee included: Wokingham Borough Council (WBC) Sports Development Manager, Biodiversity Officer, Streetcare Manager, Project Officer, Cllr Prue Bray, Pat Rowell - Winnersh NAG, Parish Cllr John Southgate.  (NB Apologies for absence received from Cllr Liz Siggery.)


The unanimous decision of the progress committee was that we should only consider minor enhancements to the POS to benefit local residents who would walk to the site and that no major facilities would be installed that might encourage residents from other areas to drive to Arbor Meadows. For this reason (for instance) the suggestion for a pedestrian footbridge linking the site with Dinton Pastures would not be taken forward, likewise no skate park will be installed.


It was decided to move forward in two phases. 



Phase 1 -  2008/2010
Small scale improvements including, more seats, dog bins, additional wildflower planting, plant wild fruit trees in the hedgerow, install one goal post for informal play, upgrade footpath for use by walkers, cyclists and runners, install small items of trim trail/outdoor keep fit equipment adjacent to the footpath, increase wildlife habitat facilities such as beetle banks.


If phase 1 proves successful then consideration will be taken to further enhance the area in phase 2.


Phase 2 - 2010 onwards

Consider basketball/volley ball net, re-open up avenue of trees if a circular route could be accommodated through the area i.e. walk should not come to a dead-end by the fence. Build a new pond in wet northern corner.  Consider a bandstand type structure.  Consider installing a youth shelter.



The progress committee will visit the site with the Senior Parks Officer to discuss the location of the bins, benches, planting etc.  No benches or equipment will be placed near residential properties.



     Some residents have asked us to re-name the site to avoid confusion with the           roads named Arbor Meadows and Bluebell Meadows. I have searched the                   maps from 1875 and 1899 and the POS formed part of  Mungells Farm with                 Mungells Lane  running  down  the  side  of  the  lake - so we  could                         consider  Mungells Meadow, which  would  link  back to  the                                   historical roots of the site, another option would be Winnersh                                   Meadows.



If you wish to suggest other ideas for the future please feel free to post your comments on the Winnersh NAG website www.seeds.org.uk/winnersh.nag  Comments can also be submitted via the Parish Council at Winnersh Parish Council, The Pavilion House, New Road, Sindlesham, RG41 5DU. Your local Borough Councillors are also available via www.wokingham.gov.uk

Many thanks for your interest and feedback so far".  - Angie Gibson.


Ideas via suggestion table suggestions highlighted in red considered unsuitable for this site.



  • Play area for u12 – climbing multi use frame similar to Dinton
  • Seats for adults dotted around
  • Picnic benches/table
  • More bins – rubbish and dog bins – larger bins
  • Remote control area/track
  • Rebound wall
  • Assault course designed by xp
  • Skate/bike path on hill backing onto industrial  area
  • Best area for YP
  • Fencing for school security
  • Better paths
  • Trim trail wooden type like Elm Park
  • Something for dog walkers – dog bins around the edge
  • Basketball/football/cricket combination unit
  • Pathway around edge – cycle path –should be provided by upgrading current footpath
  • Disabled access
  • Assault course made of wood
  • Security of site
  • Youth shelter near to trading estate – screened leylandii
  • Seats/benches
  • Keep it natural
  • Some play equipment for young children
  • Keep it as is but better maintained
  • Wild fruit trees
  • Ditch or concrete blocks around school playing field perhaps with an additional hedge or ditch (allow small gaps for pupils to enter/exit the site)
  • Trim trail – wooden type/jogging track/assault course
  • Basketball/volleyball post/net
  • Dog bins
  • Disabled access
  • Kick about (goal)
  • Ride bikes (cycle path) wheelchair access
  • Make area secure – sympathetic to environment
  • Protect playing field
  • Youth shelter to end of industrial estate
  • Good signage – cyclists and walkers
  • Benches – (walks) – (older people)
  • Play equipment u10’s/u12’s
  • New name
  • Keep it as it is
  • No footpath surfaces
  • Birds of prey boxes – trees to small  but Cllr Bray  has volunteered to contact National Grid to request possibility of installing birds of prey boxes on pylons
  • Footpaths improved nice prom suitable circular route
  • Footbridge over A329M to link Winnersh with Dinton on west of Davis St (upper bank)
  • 2 stiles from playing fields to site to allow collection of balls
  • Bin on slough Estate land to accommodate workers rubbish
  • Kissing gate needs repair
  • Left much as it is
  • Better access to river Emmbrook
  • Make avenue accessible (trees)
  • Build new pond in wet northern corner
  • Poo bins (more)
  • Rose garden (formal) –Wildflower only to preserve site as naturalgreenspace
  • Flowerbeds -Wildflower only to preserve site as natural greenspace
  • Sensory garden  - fragrant planting in keeping with natural greenspace
  • Jog trail/fitness trail
  • Anti traveler measures
  • Path to new GRN pond
  • Benches/better footpaths
  • Skate Park
  • Roller Skate rink 
  • Bike track -
  • Shelter
  • Area for young people
  • Street art wall
  • Footpath improvements over A329 bridge towards Dinton
  • Improve crossing point/access on eastern edge of the site – adjacent to Robin Hood Lane.

  • Ideas via note cards – suggestions highlighted in red considered unsuitable for this site. 


  • Cycling lanes
  • Dog walking area
  • Half barrel skate ramp
  • Tea hut
  • Bins
  • Seating/picnic benches
  • More dog bins
  • Left open green space for dog walkers
  • Better drainage
  • Increased planting and landscaping of area around lake and bridge
  • Clear rubbish and litter around lake
  • Planting native trees (oak, beech) rockery style landscaping
  • Bench and picnic area
  • Regular maintenance
  • More tracks and paths – better maintenance
  • Gravel path for jogger, bikes and dog walkers
  • BMX track (natural surface)
  • Graffiti wall
  • Rebound/climbing wall
  • Large wooden natural shelter (20+ capacity)
  • Band stand
  • Bowls green
  • Natural seating
  • Litter bins/dog bins
  • Climbing nets
  • Tyre swings
  • Area for model elec.cars
  • Quiet place for disabled
  • Volleyball nets
  • Wildflower area
  • Formal flower area
  • Trampolines
  • Water fight area
  • Paintball area
  • Park keeper
  • Community hut
  • Refreshment – something for seniors
  • Arial runway
  • Big swings for adults
  • Bird watching –feather type!
  • Beetle bank
  • Bat habitat
  • Owl nest boxes and other birds
  • Hedgehog habitat
  • Netball stand
  • Improve paths
  • Clear and maintain ponds
  • More bins
  • Mend fences
  • More seats
  • Leave large areas of grass uncut (as per survey 2 years ago)
  • Bird boxes
  • Weekly refuse sweep
  • Barriers to discourage motorcycling
  • Leave it as a park
  • Benches
  • Improve paths
  • Plant flowers
  • More dog bins
  • Leave as is
  • Extra dog bins
  • Decent walking area
  • Band stand – facility for all ages
  • Trim trail – fitness for all ages
  • Play area – volleyball net, basket ball hoop, rounder area
  • Picnic area
  • Public conveniences
  • Information board about crested newts
  • Bird watching hides