With Halloween on our doorstep, Wokingham police are reminding people to make sure they spend their time trick or treating responsibly.
Last year, Thames Valley Police recorded the highest level of crime on Halloween compared with any other single day across the rest of the year. There was also a significant rise in urgent calls to the Police Enquiry Centre in 2011. Although Halloween always shows a peak in calls, last year showed the highest levels in five years.
Across the force, 526 crimes were recorded on Halloween last year. The majority of these crimes were theft or handling stolen goods offences and criminal damage.
There will be Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), Special Constables and police officers on late shifts, to be able to cope with the demand Halloween brings, but also to act as a visible deterrent to anyone looking to commit crime or anti-social behaviour.

Tim De Meyer, Head of Neighbourhood Policing and Partnerships said: “I know for some people, this time of year can be unsettling as your evenings are interrupted with people knocking on your doors for treats.

“Most of these children or teenagers are just getting involved in the Halloween celebrations and will be friendly.

“Your neighbourhood team will be carrying out patrols in the evenings to make sure people who are trick or treating are doing so in a friendly manner and not causing a nuisance.”
If you are trick or treating this year:
  • Don’t knock where you see a ‘No Trick or Treat’ poster
  • Be visible and stick to well lit streets
  • Don’t enter any house
  • Although Halloween is meant to be spooky, be careful not to frighten people
  • Plan your trick or treat route before you go and let an adult know where you’ll be going and what time you will be back
  • Go with an adult when possible
If at any point you do feel nervous or unsafe:
  • Don’t open your door if you’re unsure who is there. Use your spy-hole, look out of a window, and use your door chain if you do decide to open your door.
  • Have a contact number of a close relative or good neighbour by your telephone, just in case you need to phone them.
  • If you are part of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, let your coordinator know that you will be on your own at Halloween. If you are a coordinator, please identify people in your scheme that may be vulnerable and offer them reassurance.
Thames Valley Police will not tolerate any anti-social behaviour at any time of the year.
To report anti-social behaviour please call the 24 hour non emergency number 101. If it is a crime in progress, call 999 immediately.

You can download a No trick or treating poster from:

Clocks go back this Sunday 28th October at 2am. Please find below a link to information about our Thames Valley Police Winter burglary campaign.

Thank you
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London Road Ruscombe

23rd October
Overnight a catalytic converter has been stolen off a Mercedes which was parked in London Road, a white van was seen driving away.
This is the second catalytic converter stolen this week and in response to my message sent out yesterday a number of people quite rightly raised the point that they do not know what it does or what it looks like.
A catalytic converter is a device that uses a catalyst to convert three harmful compounds in car exhaust into harmless compounds and diagram below shows what it should look like:

If you have any information which could assist the police with their enquiries please ring 101 alternatively you can ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111
Thank you
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For further information as to what is happening in Winnersh go to Winnersh Neighbourhood Update.

Message sent by
Christine Seal (Police, NHW
& Community Messaging Co-ordinator, Wokingham

Thames Valley Police is targeting people who illegally trade or carry scrap
metal as today (11/10) marks a national day of action by police forces across
the country to combat metal theft.

Incidences of metal theft have reduced by more than 48 per cent across the
Thames Valley Police area from April to September 2012, compared to the same
period the previous year.

This reduction can partly be attributed to Operation Tornado, which began in
June across Thames Valley and the South East region.

Under Op Tornado, individuals must provide proof of identity, including a
current address, when trying to sell scrap metal to dealers. Dealers then record
these details when they buy metal for cash.

All scrap metal dealers in the Thames Valley area have been risk assessed in
line with the national guidelines and many are cooperating fully with the

Changes to the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders (LASPO) Act
now outlaw all cash transactions at metal recycling yards and there will be a
significant increase in fines for those dealers who fail to abide by the

Det Insp Ian Wood, South East Regional Metal Theft Co-ordinator, said: ”This
day of action is part of an ongoing national programme to combat metal

“The day of action is running in tandem with a roads policing operation where
we are targeting people who illegally carry scrap metal without the necessary

“Officers are also visiting scrap metal dealers to ensure their continued
co-operation with Op Tornado, which has seen a significant drop in metal theft
since its introduction in April.

“We want to continue that trend and will continue to use a variety of
activities and initiatives to tackle metal theft.”

Metal thieves have caused misery for countless thousands of people across the
country and the railway has experienced significant issues for some time, but
throughout 2011 criminals have been diversifying and targeting metal from other
areas, including power cables, utilities pipe work, telecommunications cabling,
residential properties, businesses and catalytic converters from vehicles.

All affected industries are working together to tackle the problem, which is
now a significant threat to the UK infrastructure.

Whatever the crime, the net result is the same – disruption to everyday life
and severe cost to the local and national economy.

Message ends


Message sent  by
Christine Seal (Police, NHW
& Community Messaging Co-ordinator, Wokingham

Please find below a link to In Your
Neighbourhood Issue 173 11th October.

Thank you

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Riverdene Drive Winnersh
8/9th Oct
Offenders have forced entry to a shed by unscrewing the lock and removing
the padlock and then stolen a number of items including power tools. They also
tried to steal a bicycle but it was chained to a metal patio set with a very
robust lock. (This action has succeeded in stopping this bike being another
number in stolen bikes)
Reduce the
chances of your bicycle being stolen:
As many as half of all bicycles stolen are from the owner's
Always lock your bike even when it is in your garage or shed
·         AND THEN LOCK your garage or shed

If you have any information which could assist the police
with their enquiries please ring
alternatively you can ring Crimestoppers
anonymously on
0800 555 111
Message ends
Thank you
Information sent on
behalf of Thames Valley Police
(Please do not reply directly to this email, please
use the Reply button at the bottom of this message)
Eden Way Winnersh
1/2nd October
Overnight burglary, car keys stolen from
inside the house and then a Ford Focus car which was parked on the front
driveway has been stolen.
If you have any information which could
assist the police with their enquiries please ring
101 alternatively you can
ring Crimestoppers anonymously on
0800 555
Message ends
Thank you


Reading Road Winnersh


27/28th September




Overnight burglary, the alarm box has been removed from the front of the
house and the UPVC double glazed front door has been forced.
If you have any information which could
assist the police with their enquiries please ring
101 alternatively you can
ring Crimestoppers anonymously on
0800 555
Message ends
Thank you


27th september 2012


Over the last week there has been an increase in the number of burglaries
where Asian gold jewellery has been the target, we are asking residents to let
their neighbours, friends and family know if this would be relevant to
them. Also we would like the whole community to become more aware of people
acting suspiciously in the roads where you all live and encourage people to ring
in on the 101 number.
At the end of this message is a link to a sheet which
gives you some question and answer scenarios.




Yesterday we had burglaries in the following


Welby Crescent, Winnersh | Chiltern Drive, Charvil | Arnside Close, Twyford
| Felixstowe Close, Lower Earley and Reading Road, Woodley – all the relevant
areas received messages about this but overnight there have been the following




Shepherds House Lane Earley


26th September




Daytime burglary, offender got in through the back door by breaking a hole
in a double glazed UPVC door, searched through the whole house including the
garage, kitchen, freezer, linen cupboard and loft and all bedrooms and then
removed a safe which was under the stairs and bolted to the ground stealing gold
jewellery and passports.


 Fairview Avenue Earley


26th September




Daytime into the evening burglary, the rear door was open and the whole
house searched. It is believed the offenders were looking for Asian gold and the
householder is checking what has been stolen.


 Turnbridge Close Lower Earley




During the daytime, two bicycles were stolen from a garage. The garage door
was forced open, nothing else was taken.


 Strathmore Drive Charvil


27th September




Overnight house broken into by forcing side kitchen door and car keys
stolen from a kitchen worktop. Then a Audi RS4 Quattro was stolen off the


Church Lane Three Mile Cross


24/25th September




Either during the evening or overnight offenders have smashed the front
door window in the main reception area of this caravan display area, opened an
internal door to the office and opened the safe stealing money from it..





Marks Road Emmbrook


24/25th September




At sometime Monday into Tuesday someone has stolen 4 hub caps from a parked
silver Ford Transit – did anyone see anything?


 Redhatch Drive Earley


25/26th September




Evening or overnight a front numberplate has been stolen off the front of
the car and also in


Reading Moat House Hotel, Sindlesham, 25/26th September
overnight a catalytic converter was stolen from a parked Range Rover


If you have any information which
could assist the police with their enquiries please ring
101 alternatively you can
ring Crimestoppers anonymously on
0800 555 111. 




Message ends


Thank you


Welby Crescent Winnersh        


25th September




Daytime burglary, offenders have forced the rear door to get in and then
searched throughout the house stealing electrical items.


If you have any information which could assist the police with their
enquiries please ring 101 alternatively you can
ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555
Message ends
Thank you


Car crime in the area:
Following on from last week’s message about roads
where car crime had occurred over the last few days vans seem to have been
targeted with tools and equipment being stolen.
Emmview  Close Woosehill


23/24th September

 Overnight damage to vehicle whilst parked, two small dents in the bonnet to
a black Mercedes.


 Langborough Road Wokingham


20/24th September


At sometime between Thursday and Monday, a car which was left parked on the
road had most of the interior taken out and stolen. The car was a red Mercedes, did anyone see


Hollow Lane Shinfield






A car which was left parked outside a heating company in Hollow Lane had
its front and rear number plates stolen.


Norwich Drive Woodley


21/24th September




At sometimes between Friday and Monday a jet wash which had been left in
the rear of a tipper truck was stolen. The jet wash was chained but still
someone managed to cut the chain and steal it.


Birch Road Finchampstead


24th September




During the afternoon on Monday, someone has forced their way into a garage
and then stolen tools out of the back of two vans which were parked in the


Gorse Ride North Finchampstead


24th September


Overnight someone has broken the rear doors to a parked vehicle and stolen
gardening equipment.


Rochester Ave Woodley


23/24th September




Late evening or overnight someone cut the chain to bicycles which were left
concealed behind a caravan at the front of a house.


 Arbery Way Arborfield Garrison


23/24th September




Overnight a bicycle has been stolen from a garage, the garage door which
did not shut properly had been forced, no other items stolen.


 Bike  Marking in Wokingham – Saturday 22nd September -

We are very pleased to report that over 100 bikes
were marked during the daytime in the Market Place. The PCSO’s and Community
Wardens from Wokingham Borough Council were very pleased with how the whole day
went and the numbers of people who turned up.


If you have any information which could assist the police with their
enquiries please ring 101 alternatively you can
ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555


 Message ends



Reading Road Winnersh

At sometime last week an
offender has smashed the rear patio door to a house and searched through the
house stealing car keys and then stole the grey Audi RS off the drive.
913 1/9

If you have any information which could assist the police with
their enquiries please ring 101 alternatively you can ring CrimeStoppers
anonymously on 0800 555 111

Thank you
Message ends


3rd SEPTEMBER 2012

Have you had any jewellery stolen or do you know any family or friends who have had items of jewellery stolen.
Attached are 6 photos of jewellery which has been recovered by Thames Valley
police in the Slough area and looking to reunite these pieces with the individuals who owns them.

If you recognise any item please ring the
police on 101.

Thank you
Message ends



Reading Road Winnersh

At sometime last week an offender has smashed the rear patio door to a house and searched through the house stealing car keys and then stole the grey Audi RS off the drive.
URN 913 1/9

If you have any information which could assist the police with
their enquiries please ring 101 alternatively you can ring CrimeStoppers
anonymously on 0800 555 111

Thank you
Message ends

20TH AUGUST 2012


Reading Road Winnersh

 19th August




During the daytime on Sunday a bicycle was stolen from the car park of a
supermarket even though the bicycle was padlocked and in a cycle rack.


Pheasant Close Winnersh

 18th August




Late evening offender forced the rear patio door to break in and then
searched although the house.


URN 985 18/8


If you have any information which could assist the police with their
enquiries please ring 101 alternatively you can ring
CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555


Thank you


Message ends


Bicycles continue to be targetted around the area, often stolen from unlocked garages. Bicycles have been stolen from the following areas over the last few days:

Vauxhall Drive Woodley


9-16th September


At sometime last week between Sunday to Sunday, offenders have got into the
garage and stolen 2 bicycles.


 Burgess Close Woodley


12th September




At  sometime last Wednesday someone got into the garage which is detached
from the main house and forced the doors open stealing a bicycle from


Bodmin Road Woodley


12/13th September


Overnight offenders have gone into an unlocked garage and stolen two
bicycles which were not locked up.


 High Tree Drive Earley


10/11th September




Late evening or overnight Monday into Tuesday a mountain bike was stolen
from a garage
Venning Road Arborfield
16th September
Offenders have forced the door to an outhouse during the daytime and stolen
a bicycle.


Simmons Fields Charvil


13th September




During the evening on Thursday a bicycle was stolen from the front of a


London Road Wokingham


13th September




During the morning a bicycle was stolen from a restaurant. The bicycle was
left outside and was not chained up.


present special challenges for security. Here are some tips for keeping your garage secure.
  •       If you frost or cover your garage windows, burglars won't be able to tell if your car is gone.
  •          Keep your garage door closed and locked even when your
    car is not in the garage.
  •          Install a peephole in the door separating the house from
    the garage. If you hear suspicious sounds, you can check without opening the door.
  •          Are you worried about someone entering your house
    through your attached garage? If the garage door lifts on a track, a C-clamp can provide extra security since the door cannot be opened if you tighten the C-clamp on the track next to the roller.
If you have any information which could assist the police with their enquiries please ring 101
or you can ring CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Message ends

13TH AUGUST 2012


Safe Communities Survey | Wokingham Borough

Wokingham Borough are working with Thames Valley Police to make
your community safer.  Would you please take a few minutes to complete the
online survey - your time is appreciated.
The link for the survey is
Message sent
Christine Seal (Police, NHW
& Community Messaging Co-ordinator, Wokingham LPA)

6th August 2012


Bicycle Theft

Over the weekend we have had 7 bicycles stolen from different areas around the Wokingham Borough. Some have been left unlocked outside a friends house for a short time and some have been left in a locked garage or shed.

We are sending this message out across the area as so many people would own or ride a bike either to get to work or for enjoyment and having a bike stolen can prove expensive to replace and inconvenient.

Below is also a link to a information sheet about bicycle theft.

Local Bike Crime:

Bentley Drive
Arborfield Garrison
3rd August
A person visiting someone left their bike unlocked and hidden in a bush, but found it had been stolen.
Azalea Close
4/5th August
Overnight offenders have got into the back garden and then forced the doors to the garden shed and stolen 2 bicycles.
Laburnum Road
4/5th August
Overnight offender stole a bicycle from the back garden.
URN 624
Mount Pleasant
4/5th August
Either during the afternoon, evening or overnight offender has stolen a bicycle from the front garden where it was locked to a fence.
Murray Road
4th August
On Saturday a bicycle was stolen from a garage, the door was left open when the person went inside for 10-15 mins.
URN 842 4/8
Church Street
4/5th August

Overnight offenders have stolen two bicycles which were in a locked shed. The locks were dismantled to gain access

If you have any information which could assist the police with their enquiries please ring 101 alternatively you can ring CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111
Thank you

1st August 2012

There has been an increase over the past couple of days in the number of
burglaries occurring around the area. We have attached a link to a sheet which
gives crime reduction advice about crime in the summer months, keeping

windows and doors locked and secure and finally keeping your car keys out of

sight so burglars cannot steal your car.


Colemansmoor Road  
1st August
Overnight attempted burglary, occupant heard a noise overnight and saw that
the security light was activated. They discovered the skylight
window on the landing was wide open but it would appear that anyone had been in the
URN 113 1/8
1st August
Overnight burglary, offenders most likely got in through an open fan light
next to the front door. Items stolen included credit cards/cash/keys/travel
cards and a sports bag.
URN 128 1/8
Whitegates Lane
1st August
Overnight burglary, offenders got in through an insecure kitchen window and
have then stolen the car keys from a cabinet in the hallway and then stolen a
BMW which was parked on the drive. Also a handbag and iPod was stolen.
URN 175 1/8
Grange School
Heathlands Road
1st August
Overnight burglary, offenders have gone in through the Red Lake Lane
entrance by cutting the padlocks on two gates and then forced entry into one of
the garages by cutting another padlock. Items stolen included a leaf blower,
strimmer and generator.
URN 135 1/8
Road – Car crime
Arborfield Garrison
30/31st July
Overnight Monday into Tuesday, someone stole both number plates from a
parked vehicle. They were screwed on and offenders unscrewed them to steal
URN 1132 31/7
Railway Station
31st July
On Tuesday a bicycle was left at Earley Railway Station in the platform
bicycle rack, locked and secure. However at sometime during the day the bike was
If you have any information which could assist the police with their
enquiries please ring 101 alternatively you can ring
CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555
Thank you
Message ends




News Release 


Media Relations Office Butterley Hall Ripley DE5 3RS T: 01773 57 2033 / 2034 / 2979

Detectives investigating the theft of a large amount of antiques believe the stolen items may be offered to antique dealers in neighbouring counties.


They are asking people in the business to come forward and ring police if they are offered any of the items for sale.


Officers have been searching for the paintings and antiques since they were taken from a house in the Hope Valley some time between 5.15pm and 8.10pm on Tuesday, December 6.


The burglar took silverware, including Victorian dishes, six goblets with a gold trim around the top and a pair of candlesticks. They also took an antique silver cake basket and a three piece tea set, dated from around 1820, as well as a large, silver handled tea tray from 1928. A pair of ornamental floral painted jugs, around six inches high and made by Royal Crown Derby, were among the chinaware taken.


A marble lion and a pair of bronze busts were stolen, along with two oil paintings.


Police suspect the thieves, who would have used a vehicle to take the items away, may have been storing them for the past few months and could now be looking for auction houses or dealers to take them to.


Officer in the case Detective Constable Clive Mayhew said: "These burglars would have been experienced and we therefore believe they may have stored the antiques and lain low for a few months before trying to sell them on, perhaps to dealers elsewhere in the East Midlands."


Anyone with information should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Notes to editors



News Release

Media Relations Office


Butterley Hall Ripley DE5 3RS T: 01773 57 2033 / 2034 / 2979

This picture is one of the stolen paitings.  It is entitled 'A moonlit landscap with riders and horses before the ruined tower' and is by Charles Towne.  It dates from around 1820.
















24TH JULY 2012

Skimming Device
A device has been located in Woodley on Monday but this message is being
sent out to Wokingham Borough area as they can appear in various locations
and we would ensure that everyone, where possible is alerted to this.
Crockhamwell Road
23rd July
A customer found a device fitted to the ATM machine at the Abbey National
and handed it into the branch.
How can I tell if a cash point is fitted with a skimming/cloning
  • These devices are used to capture credit and debit card details from
    unsuspecting members of the public at cash points. These details are used
  •  to recreate an exact copy of your card and gain access to your money. 
  • The devices are usually fitted on the cash machines card entry slot to
  •  copy the magnetic strip details of a card as it is inserted into the machine.
  • Sometimes a mini camera is located above the keypad to film the

           customer entering their PIN number.

  • Customers who shield the keypad when they enter their PIN are much less  likely to fall victim to this type of fraud. 
  • If you suspect that a skimming device has been attached to a cash machine, inform
  • staff within the bank or building society or if closed ring the police on  101.
See video footage from LINK ATM’s website on how criminals can try to get
hold of your four-digit PIN when you use an ATM that they have targeted.  (copy
into your web browser -  https:// )
Message ends
19TH JULY 2012
Cars are being left unlocked at night and thieves can steal anything left


Make sure you LOCK the door!


Officers are continuing to tackle car crime with patrols, crime prevention
initiatives but you can also play your part in preventing and reducing vehicle
crime – don’t make life easy for opportunist criminals to take advantage.


Car crime can be a big worry for motorists. Protect your car by following
our simple advice:


  • Lock the doors and close the windows, even if leaving your car for just a
  • When parking outside try and use an attended car park
  • When parking at home, if you can use the garage or try to park in a
  • well—lit open place
  • Don’t leave anything on display, even an old coat or plastic bag can be a
    tempting target—they don’t know there is nothing in it!
  • Remove the stereo if you can
  • Don’t keep valuables or important documents in the glove box
  • Leave the glove box open to show there is nothing inside
  • Tuck in wing mirrors and put the aerial down to discourage vandals 


Cypress Road




12th July




During the afternoon last Thursday a women was unloading her shopping from
her car and someone stole a laptop from the boot area.


URN 608 18/7








18th July




During the afternoon 2 offenders were seen to remove number plates from an
Audi A3.  The numberplates were stuck on and not screwed on.


URN 1063 18/7

If you have any information which could assist the police with their
enquiries please ring 101 alternatively you can ring CrimeStoppers anonymously
on 0800 555 111

Thank you

Message to all areas:
21st June 2012
Fly tipping
Yesterday we received two reports of people fly tipping in our area,
The first was at 11:20 in Drovers Way, Woodley when a member of the public saw someone dumping a load of fencing. Vehicle information was given and is being followed up.
The second was in Reading Road, Winnersh, around midnight rubbish was seen being left near business premises.
What is fly-tipping?
Dumping rubbish onto any piece of land which does not have a licence to accept waste. Fly tipping is taken very seriously but we need your help to identify the people doing this.
What to do if you see someone fly-tipping?
Make a note of the following:
Date | time | place
Description of any vehicles involved and if possible their registration number
Description of people involved and how many
What type of rubbish
Who to report it to?
Wokingham Borough Council on 0118 9746000
Or you can report it online by going to
Or if offenders are dumping rubbish ring 999
If the offence has occurred ring 101
Bulmershe Allotment
4th-17th June
At sometime over the last couple of weeks offenders have got onto the allotment site and broken into a shed by forcing the padlock on the door and have then stolen playground equipment and other metal items.
Fullers Lane
17/18th June
Overnight offenders have broken into a site via the rear field, the office window has been stolen and property stolen.
URN 159 18/6
Nine Mile Ride
16th June
During the morning the front number plate has been stolen off a BNW car and items stolen from inside the car.
URN 943 18/6
Hollow Lane
17/20th June
Late evening or overnight offenders got into the rear garden and went into an unlocked shed and stole a bicycle from inside the shed.
Please find at the end of this email a link to:
  1. Minutes from The Earley/Lower Earley Neighbourhood Action Group meeting held on 18/6/12
  2. A Survey form which needs to be printed off and completed – information where to return the completed form is at the end of the survey form
Lower Wokingham Road
20th June
13:20 – 14:10
Daytime burglary, offenders have got in through a rear ground floor window first by trying to smash to double glazed window but then using something to force the window open.
URN 825 20/6
High Street
19/20th June
Overnight offenders have caused damage to a front downstairs window by throwing something at it.
Honey Hill
Daytime burglary, offender has forced open a window to a bedroom at the rear of the house and an ipad was stolen.
URN 1656 20/6

Kiln Lane
Farley Hill
9/10th June
15:30- 19:00
During the afternoon or early evening the garage door has been prized open but as it was a heavy wooden door offenders couldn’t force it open enough to get through.
Mandarin Road
3/8th June
At sometime during the above dates offender has forced the lock and got into an integral garage and stolen golf equipment and a snow board.
Crazies Hill Road
11th June
Overnight offenders have forced a window open and got into an office building and stolen money and computers. However an alarm went off and the offenders made off from the golf clubhouse.
URN 69 11/6
Nr Henley on Thames
10th June
On Sunday a suspicious vehicle was seen driving near a farm. It drove down a private lane, stopped at a gate and then reversed into a hedgeline and then driven around private land for about 5 minutes before making off towards Henley.
The vehicle was as Black Cherokee Jeep, X723 KLY
Park View Drive North
8th June
During the daytime an unknown offender has keyed along the passenger side of a parked vehicle.
Thornbers Way
7/8th June
Overnight attempted break-in to a house, there were jemmy marks around the front door.
URN 884 8/6
At another house on Thornbers Way, overnight on 8th June offenders got in through the front door and the house searched and items left by the front door. However it would appear that offender was disturbed and made off. The keys to a BMW were left on the porch.
URN 196 8/6
Thorners Way
7/8th June
18:15 – 11:30
At sometime a bicycle has been stolen from the back garden. The bike was later recovered from another road around the corner.
Gingells Farm Road
7/8th June
Overnight burglary, POE was through the front door which was not double locked (opened the door via the letterbox). Various items stolen including a Hyundai car.
URN 205 8/6
Patrols have been increased around the Twyford, Charvil and Hurst area due to an increase in the number of tools being stolen from vans.
Ormonde Road
8/9th June
Front and rear number plates have been stolen from a parked vehicle.
URN 628 9/6
Ashridge Road
At sometime during the above dates offenders have smashed the padlocks off and broken into the garage and stolen 2 bicycles.
Holme Grange Farm
11th June
Three containers had been set alight, one of the containers had been broken into and fishing tackle stolen.
URN 193 11/6
Longwater Road
7/8th June
Offenders have got into a storage yard and stolen a trailer. The lock was cut on the main gate along with the padlock and hitch lock on the trailer.
Patrols increased around the area as a number of burglaries have occurred in the area particularly between 11:30-15:00
Greenwood Road
7/8th June
A car was parked overnight on the road and someone has smashed the rear windows and stolen power tools left inside the Ford Transit van.
URN 829 8/6
Mitchell Way
8th June
Overnight burglary, POE via the letterbox as the UPVC door was not double locked. However householder heard a noise and got up to check and two men were seen to make off.
Phillip Close
11th June
Overnight burglary, POE via the front door (letterbox using an implement to pull the handle open from the inside). A BMW car was stolen, a second car which was infront of the BMW was moved out of the way.
URN 136 11/6
Bulmershe allotment, Church Road, Earley
17TH June 1-2pm
With PCSO Craig Beales
Chilcombe Way
Lower Earley
8/9th June
Overnight offenders have used bolt cutters to open the padlock to a garage and got in but nothing stolen. A number of other garages in the same block were also broken into.
Silverdale Road Shops
7th June
A man came into one of the shops and paid for cigarettes with a fake £20 note. Description: white male, about 18 years old, slim build and long curly hair.

Scrap metal warrants - Force wide, update
A total of 25 people were arrested by Thames Valley Police Tuesday morning (29/5), after six warrants were executed as part of a crackdown on scrap metal thefts across the Thames Valley region.
The operation, one of the largest ever conducted by Thames Valley Police, involved more than 400 officers carrying out warrants at six scrap metal merchants across Thames Valley, Hertfordshire and Middlesex.
Scrap metal merchants targeted in the warrants included A1 Group in Silver Birches, Highland Avenue, Wokingham.
Warrants were also conducted at 10 residential addresses connected to these businesses.
Searches are still on going and will be for several days. Property seized so far includes:
•Network Rail track
•Nine tons of stripper copper
•15 tons of suspected stolen Scottish Southern electricity cable
•Suspected stolen cast iron drain covers
•A war memorial plaque
•4 X Suspected Stolen JCB/digger buckets
•BT cable
•Large quantity of white metal that appears to be crushed antique household and ecclesiastical silver
•Suspected unlicensed firearms and prohibited weapons
•Suspected class A drugs
•Over £400,000 cash
A total of 25 people were arrested, all on suspicion of receiving stolen goods and concealing criminal property.
Five men, aged between 22 and 41, were arrested at the Wokingham address. They have all been released on police bail until 22 November.
Det Insp Rodger Cartwright, investigating officer in the operation, said: “Yesterday’s operation proved very successful, with 25 people arrested and a quantity of metal recovered.
“The operation is the culmination of a lengthy and on-going investigation to target not only the theft of scrap metal, but the channels that thieves are using to dispose of the metal.
“Metal theft is one of the fastest growing crime types nationally. It is not a victimless crime and can threaten public and community safety, as well as the national infrastructure.
“Some scrap metal dealers are not as scrupulous as they should be at checking where the items bought to their yard come from. By working with all metal dealers and other agencies, we hope to reduce the opportunities for metal thieves to trade with registered dealers.”
A video of the operation has been released on the Thames Valley Police YouTube channel and is available here:

Reading Road
25th May
At sometime on Friday 6 catalytic converters have been stolen from the rear of the building. Offenders must have seen that staff were busy and taken the opportunity to go around the back unseen.

Local charity information:
In honour of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee SEGRO is hosting a tea party and cake sale in the Piazza, Winnersh on Thursday 31 May between 11.00 – 15.00 just right for elevenses, lunch,
afternoon tea or all three if you feel so inclined. Alternatively stock up on cakes for the Bank Holiday weekend. All proceeds from the sale will go to SEGRO’s charity of the year, Children with Cancer. We’re aiming to raise £50,000 this year. Follow this link for more information:
If you are able to assist the police with their enquiries please ring 101, alternatively you can ring CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

Stolen Lurcher Dog
Binfield Dog Rescue
Carters Hill
21st May, 2012
Overnight a black lurcher dog was stolen from the rescue kennels. 
URN 162 21.5
Finchampstead Road, (House number within the 60’s range)
Burglary on Sunday morning, offenders have entered the ground floor flat by an unlocked door and searched through the house, stealing a credit card and car and door keys.
URN 1071 21/5
The Priory
20/21st May, 2012
Overnight a garage was broken into, the door was forced and a motorbike stolen. A noise was heard around 4am.
URN 141 21/5

Missing Man from Arborfield Cross
Geoffrey Hutton was last seen by his partner leaving their home address in Melrose Gardens at 9am Monday 21 May.
Please follow the link for a press release and photo:
If you are able to assist the police with their enquiries please ring 101 or you can ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

Domestic abuse campaign - Speak out today

A campaign to raise awareness of domestic abuse is being launched today (14/05) by Thames Valley Police in partnership with Domestic Abuse Co-ordinators and Crimestoppers.

The aim of the campaign is to increase awareness and promote early intervention in an attempt to break the cycle of abuse.

The majority of domestic abuse still goes unreported and the focus of the campaign is to encourage people to contact either the police, Crimestoppers or specialist support agencies.

The campaign is urging family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to come forward and let the police or other agencies know if they suspect someone is being abused.

A dedicated website and video has been launched to provide practical information for victims and those supporting them, and includes vital links to national and local support services.

Further information on domestic abuse can be found on the Thames Valley Police website

Message sent by
Natalie Wallace (Police, Corporate Comms Communications Officer, Thames Valley)


Grovelands Ave
28th April, 2012
18:45 – 19:15
During the evening on Saturday a woman knocked on the door of an elderly lady asking to use the telephone saying she had been locked out of her house and could she borrow money for bus fare. Victim gave her some money but then later found her purse had been stolen.
Description of the offender: white female, mid 30’s, around 5’ 8”, shoulder length black frizzy bushy hair, medium build and wearing dark coloured clothing..
URN 1222 28/4

Please be aware and if you know any elderly people in your community make them aware of strangers knocking at their door with their “made up stories” and to ring the police on 101

Thank you .   Message Ends.