2007 The Winnersh NAG established the Kaos Club with the Chameleon Night Club in Wokingham for the under 18s, which the Chameleon Nigh Club ran for several years.   

2008 - 2010 Batlle of the Bands competiton ran each year, one Friday each month for 4 months and raised enough money in the first year to provide the Wokingham Youth Centre with a new drum kit worth £1,000.


And also, the second and third years provided monies for the NAG to donate to the Forest School for Forest Boys.

2008 -2010 Battle of the Bands was the brain child of Mrs Penny Bradshaw who was the Business and Enterprise Manager of Forest School.  Penny was also on the NAG committee and work extremely hard in the Winnersh Community with the NAG .  By the time Battle of the Bands came to an end, the NAG was able to donate £2,000.00 to the Forest School for Penny to set up an enterprise club for Forest Boys.  Also, the NAG was able to retain the balance to keep it independant.  


2008 - With the ever increasing problems of abandoned Sainsbury's shopping trolleys, the NAG worked with Sainsbury's to find a way to keep them off our street.  Sainsbury's had magnetic locks fitted to the trolleys which locked once they passed over the magnetic strip hidden under the concrete of the Store's exit onto the main roads. 

Some residents worked out how they could still continued to take the trolley's from the car park, so Sainsbury's then had to employ TrolleyWise.


2008 Saw two young lads, Steven Pithers and Josh Bailey, who wanted to upgrade their play area in Allnat Avenue.  Pat Rowell chairman of the Winnersh NAG, took them along to Wokingham Borough Council to meet the Leisure's Office who was able to explain what could be done for their area. 

The boys wanted a 'buddy swing', better seating and anything else that WBC could afford to upgade the play area. They boys got their 'buddy swing', seating a supernova and a new slide. 

Steven and Josh were nominated for the Pride of Reading 2008 Awards - for their determination to succeed in their quest for better equipment.  Steve and Josh became the NAG's youngest committee members until the went on to further education.


2008 - 2010 For three years running the NAG provided a Scavenger Hunt at Dinton Pastures.  Roberta Tweedy, a NAG Committee member, came up with the idea and organised these events very successfully.


2009 And the Winnersh NAG was out and about in Jersey Drive conducting a 'Quality of Life' day with residents.


The Winnersh NAG can always be found working at the Village Fete.



For the past 8 years the Winnersh NAG Chairman, Pat Rowell, has been working to get 'Arbor Meadows' enhanced for the Winnersh Community.  From 2008 - 2012 working with Wokingham Borough Council  a lot of work has been completed and finally the Ground Force Lottery Grant was approved and 'Arbor Meadows' was re-named 'Winnersh Meadows'. 


The Lottery grant of £49,999.00 was matched by Wokingham Borough Council and a donation from Winnersh Parish Council of £9,000.00 made the project worth £110,000.  SEGRO (Slough Estates of Winnersh Triangle) also donated monies to provide further footpaths to join up to their Whardale Entrance to the meadows.  The official opening for Winnersh Meadows was held on May 19th 2012.

April 2013 


Double Yellow Lines applied to Danywern Drive and Cavendish Gardens giving residents better visibility and making the roads a safer place to live.


January 2013


We started working with the Police to address the unsafe conditions for children in Greenwood Grove - Winnersh Primary School.  It has now been agreed by Wokingham Borough Council and Police to install Times parking restrictions on the left hand side of the Grove.


We are also working closely with WBC and Police to address the nuisance factor which is affecting all drivers travelling through Baslow Road.  What this space!