RAGWORT - is a yellow flowering weed which is poisonous to domestic grazing animals and its sap will irritate the skin.  Ragwort is growing in abundance in Winnersh Meadows and efforts have been made to 'pull up' what is growinbg in the wild flower meadow, as if not checked will consume the wild flowes.


But one small critter which depends on the Ragewort for life itself, is the Cinnabar moth.   Its caterpillar eats its way through the flowers. 



 "Ragwort is not a weed that we would treat in this situation.  As a land owner and under the DEFRA guidelines we would only be obliged to deal with Ragwort if it were in an area where we have live stock grazing as it is only a problem to grazing animals.

 This is not the case for this land and indeed as a wild flower it does have it’s beneficial place for bio diversity – butterflies and bees etc."


2012 - Weather has been the worst for years - nothing but rain and wind.  July - The new wild flower meadow has struggled to show us what its made of.  A couple of sunny days show just how lovely it can be. 

The big pond is also lovely this time of year in spite of the continuous wet and windy weather.

The Wild Flower Meadow comprises of the following:






Common Knapweed


Hedge Bedstraw


Ladies' Bedstraw


Field Scabious


Rough Hawkbit


Oxeye Daisy


Birdsfoot Trefoil


Ragged Robin


Musk Mallow


Ribwort Plantain






Meadow Buttercup


Yellow Rattle


Common Sorrel


Red Campion


Park Meadow wild grasses






Mouse-ear Chickweed


Birdsfoot Trefoil


Yellow Rattle


Meadow Buttercup


Wild Red-clover


Hairy Tare


Minor other species


Wild Grasses


Common Bent


False Oatgrass


Crested Dogstail




Red Fescue


Meadow Barley


Perennial Ryegrass


Smooth Meadowgrass


Other Grasses





Sunday 18th March 2012  - Pat Rowell was altered to the fact that a young Heron had been shot and killed over in Winnersh Meadows.


Monday 19th am.

Pat went to investigate.  The Heron had been sighted in the sports field of the Forest School and on inspection it was found that the Heron  had two round wounds in its side.  The Heron has been disposed of as it was upsetting some residents walking their dogs.


Pat said -' Herons are protected by law and it is a criminal offence to kill them.  It is also a criminal offence to use a fire arm in a public place.  Did you know that  an air gun is deemed as a fire arm along with a catapult?


The crime number for this offence is URN 404 19th March 2012.  Anyone seeing anything like this please call 101 non-emgerancy police number and report it. Obviously if you see anyone with a fire arm then the number to call is 999.


Winnersh Meadows is for the enjoyment of Winnersh residents, so please keep your eyes open for any kind of anti-social behaviour and report it straight away"