March 2017 - Pat Rowell has stood down as chairman of the Winnersh NAG after 12 years in the chair.  As no one else is prepaired to take on the role the NAG creases to function.



Pat Rowell who has been chairman for the past 12 years is stepping down.


If you would like to help in your community, like working to help people with safety issues, can work with Police Officers and Council personnel then lets hear from you.  Leave a message on 0118 9786566 and someone will contact you.

April 2017 - Thank you to the resident that notified the NAG of vandalism in Winnersh Meadows.  On inspection, there was no visible signs of damage in the communal orchard - which is important to safe guard as it was expensive to install.  Dead fruit trees have just been replaced at a cost £500.00, which the NAG financed.   The wooden fence leading up to the embankment is damaged and is covered in graffiti as is the bench in that area.  Winnersh Meadows is public open space owned by Wokingham Borough Council and any problems should be referred to their Public Open Spaces Dept. in future. 

House Numbering for a very good reason


Did you know that many of the houses in our area do not show their house numbers clearly at the front of their properties?


Winnersh Neighbourhood Action Group were very concerned to hear about the lack of house owners, from the emergency responders, who do not display a house number clearly at the front of their property and are putting their own lives and safety at risk in the event of an emergency.

Even when there is a house number, addresses are not easy to find when the number is in small numerals on a front door 50 yards down a drive. All emergency services have this problem and are delayed in getting to you or your family.

So if your house has a number or name, make sure it is plain to see by someone in a moving vehicle approaching from either direction. Large clear numerals are best. If your house is set well back, fix the number to the front gate or the fence – anywhere it can be seen easily and quickly


Don’t let your number be up for the sake of a house name or number that cannot be seen.



Chairman's Introduction


The NAGs or Neighbourhood Action Groups are a  Government initiative rolled out by the Police.  The Winnersh NAG is made up of volunteers - all of whom are residents or work in Winnersh - together with representatives of other local agencies, and is run - to the best of our ability - for the benefit of the whole community.


The Winnersh NAG works in partnership with Wokingham Borough Council and Thames Valley Police, to address neighbourhood concerns. Members of the NAG are the conduit through which local issues concerning the community can be addressed.   By working directly with the Police, Wokingham Borough Council and our own Parish Council, we are well placed to help problem solve the main issues that the Winnersh community, via the NAG survey forms, have raised.   By focusing on those concerns we hope to improve community safety, reduce crime and disorder and help bring about a greater sense of reassurance and community spirit.  The quality of life is important to us all -  Your NAG can help to make the difference.


Please feel free to contact us regarding any issues you may have.


Contact us here on the 'Contact page'

or you can

Email: patricia.rowell55@GMail.com

or you can phone us


0118 9786566

Leave a message and someone will contact you.


Pat Rowell

Chairman of the Winnersh NAG - Your Neighbourhood Action Group.




The Government's white paper "Building Communities, Beating Crime" (November 2004) provided a vision of a police service that is both accessible and responsive to the needs of the citizen.  "Neighbourhood Policing - Your Police, Your Community, Our Commitment" (May 2005) sets out the plan to deliver a neighbourhood policing team in every area.


Neighbourhood policing aims to put communities - their needs, their issues and their priorities at the heart of local policing.  This is achieved through active collaboration between police, partners and the public to solve local crime and disorder problems, improve the quality of life for residents across the neighbourhood and increase feelings of security.

Neighbourhood Policing Teams will provide communities with:


 ACCESS: - to policing or community safety services through a named point of contact


INFLUENCE:  - over community safety priorities in their neighbourhood


INTERVENTIONS: -  joint action with communities and partners to solve problems.


ANSWERS: -  sustainable solutions to problems


Thames Valley Police is working hard to establish identifiable, dedicated Neighbourhood Policing Teams in every part of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.  Teams will include:


NEIGHBOURHOOD SPECIALIST OFFICERS, who are dedicated to working in designated neighbourhood and will not be abstracted to duties elsewhere, unless in exceptional circumstances.


 POLICE COMMUNITY SUPPORT OFFICERS, who provide a visible presence in the community, helping to tackle anti-social behaviour and offering reassurance.


SPECIAL CONSTABLES, who work with and support regular Police Officers.


VOLUNTEERS, who play an increasingly important supporting role.


PARTNERS AND MEMBERS OF THE LOCAL COMMUNITY, who are essential to the success of Neighbourhood Policing.  Effective partnership working is key to creating safer communities, with partners leading or supporting as appropriate.


Neighbourhood Policing is a "once in a generation" opportunity to achieve a genuine and lasting transformation in the delivery of policing to our communities.  It is a lot more that a "re-badging" of traditional community policing.  It calls for new approaches using new skills and new techniques. 



Nick Gargan

Assistant Chief Constable.























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